Best of all, you can feel good not only that you received the most for your tuition or software price, but also that 10% of our annual net profits go to charity. We will continue to donate to the Cancer Research Institute in 2005. Feel proud that you are working toward a cure as you learn!

Curiosity Quest strives to provide the best quality training, service and software without breaking your budget. We feel confident that your experience with us will be phenomenal.

Through the years, we have met and worked with law enforcement all over the world and had seen much success. For this we are grateful. During 2008, we decided that given the changing travel environment and economic conditions we would begin to scale back our public courses to focus more on online delivery options, private engagements and consulting services for our existing client-base. Curiosity Quest is no longer an ESRI Business Partner and stopped operations in 2010.

Thank you!

Curiosity Quest
2010 Crow Canyon Place, Suite 100; San Ramon, California 94583; Telephone: (888)317-6489; Fax: (800) 306-0585

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Curiosity Quest was founded in 2000 with the purpose of bringing high-quality software tools, consultation and training to law enforcement and government. In 2004, we became an ESRI Business Partner in the Authorized Reseller Program to provide affordable software options for our clients. In 2006, we launched the beginning of our online course program with the introduction of our Webinars. In 2007, we released our first hands-on, on-line classes, complete with exercises and personalized instructor attention.

We have accomplished our goals through designing a curricula of low-cost, high-focus software training for law enforcement and government personnel. We bring a decade of computer experience, a strong educational background and a whole lot of enthusiasm into every course.