Curiosity Quest offers a several customized service options to help you reach your goals. We are law enforcement training and research experts. If you have a product you need to train, we can help you develop a stronger technology training program. Whether your situation requires a customized database application, custom crystal reports design, GIS support or mapping services, the specialists at Curiosity Quest can lend their expertise.

Curiosity Quest has contributed heavily in the area of portable GIS through the use of ArcExplorer. If you would like to put the power of mapping on desktops, laptops or in your cars, we can help.

Our premium training curriculum development services can help you create a superior training program that can bring your organization to the next level.

Curiosity Quest has expert services for school safety projects, helping you get the best possible information, formulating emergency plans and helping with prevention issues.

Below is a sample of our services.

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To schedule a free initial consultation, please contact us by phone, fax, mail or e-mail. Our contact information is below.


Curiosity Quest
2010 Crow Canyon Place, Suite 100; San Ramon, California 94583; Telephone: (888) 317-6489; Fax: (800) 306-0585

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