06/29/07 - We are pleased to announce that Curiosity Quest will debut its hands-on, web courses starting in July! These courses will be instructor-led and will include hands-on exercises and personalized instructor assistance. The curricula will match our current public courses, allowing us to reach those who live in remote areas more effectively. Options will be available for those who have the software and for those who do not yet have licenses. We will be offering drop-in informational sessions online in July. The detailed schedule will be available in July.

05/25/07 - After making some adjustments to our time codes for the Webinars, we are releasing a new CQ Webinar Schedule. In addition, we are debuting a new Webinar overview of Crystal Reports, meant to provide non-users with a glimpse of Crystal Reports and its use in law enforcement.

09/01/06 - After tons of research, testing and feedback, Curiosity Quest is beginning to roll out our innovative online training series. We are beginning in mid September with the introduction of our short Webinars. These webinars will be 2 hours in length and will cover very specific topics. The tuition will be only $45. Participants will be able to watch the instructor's desktop, ask questions both privately and publicly and network with folks at other agencies. This is the first segment of our online component. Look for more to come in 2007.

09/01/06 - In addition to our Webinars, we are also rolling out Curiosity Quest Q&A Online Interactive Sessions. These sessions will involve us answering questions submitted in advance through demonstrating the solution live on the instructor PC. (1) Participants submit questions for the sessions. (2) The instructor reviews and groups the questions. (3) The participant is invited to join a session at a particular time. Participants are welcome to stay for part or all of the session, and the price is planned at $20.

01/22/06 - Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback through time. We would like to announce that we have worked to include PDF location brochures on our Locations page. These will quickly summarize the courses offered in that location, list the address and show a map. To obtain one of these PDFs, scroll down the page to find your location and click "PDF" next to the city name. These can be helpful during the approval process with your training department. Of course, we also recommend you click on the city link as well to obtain the detailed directions from the Addresses page too. Every little bit helps!

1/22/06 - Also in response to feedback and requests, we now have PDF course description brochures available on the course description pages for the majority of our classes. Pick the course you are interested in from our Courses page, and at the bottom of the course description, click the "PDF Course Brochure" link. These can also be useful when presenting information to training for approval.

01/03/06 - Happy 2006! We are pleased to announce our 2006 course schedule! We will be visiting several of our old haunts and some exciting new places! If you'd like to know when we are coming back, check out our page that discusses options and possibilities. Of course, we will be happy to discuss them with you personally... just drop us a note!

7/18/05 - Due to popular request, we have broken our Master's Series GIS and Crystal Reports courses into segments that can be taken individually or together as the Master's Series. This way you can choose to take the entire series or just work on the areas that concern you the most. Each individual course now has its own certificate in addition to the full Master's Series Certificate. As always, we will track the courses you've taken so if you end up taking all of the Master's Series courses, we will provide you with the Master's Series Certificate to reflect the accomplishment. Thanks again for your support and feedback!

1/7/05 - Happy 2005! We would like to thank the over 150 law enforcement professionals in North America who have joined the CQ Family over the years and remind you that once you attend a CQ Class, you automatically qualify for great discounts on software. This is our way of thanking you for choosing us. See you soon! Best wishes in 2005!!!

12/6/04 - We are excited to announce two new classes for 2005. We will offer an ArcView Spatial Analyst 1-day course with a crime analysis focus and a Crystal Reports Quick Start 1-day course focusing on giving you the skills you need to use Crystal Reports with your police databases (CAD, RMS, etc.). They will be priced at $395. They are on the schedule, but the description will not be available until later this month.

7/6/04 - Check out our CQ Combo Packs! ESRI and Curiosity Quest have become business partners! We can now offer discount software and on-site training packages. If you are a client of our public courses, you can also receive a discount. For more information, send us a note.

6/30/03 - Available on our Pricing Page, we have posted the CQ discount formula.
Discount Formula: We already operate with extremely small margins, but we want to make multiple classes for an agency or participant as cost-effective as possible. Here is our humble formula: If a participant registers for 3 or more classes at one time, a 10% discount shall be applied. If a department or agency registers 3 or more participants for 1 or more classes at once a 10% discount shall be applied. The registrations must be made at one time to receive the discount. No other discounts may be applied.

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